Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Ahhh…silence.  That sweet, sweet sound that fills your home when your baby is sound asleep.  Of course, that’s if you don’t have other little ones running around.  Then, it’s just a place of refuge you can retreat to when your other children are working your nerves big time!
My prayer for my babies, “Please let my baby be healthy, happy, and a great Sleeper!” Yes, a great sleeper.   It’s the gift that keeps on giving to both parents, and the whole family. Mom and baby are much happier and healthier, and life flows a lot easier on good sleep.  So, what’s the secret to get your baby to be a great sleeper?  I found a method that has worked like a charm for my 2 boys and my nephew that may very well work for you too!  All children were completely different with different situations, and it worked just as great for all of them.   Try it and see!  I’d love to know how it works for you and your baby.

The MommyFit™ Sleeping Baby Method

Feed, Wake, Sleep – This is from the Baby Wise Method.  I highly recommend getting this book, and understanding the philosophy behind it.  Basically, feed baby, keep baby awake for at least 20 minutes after feeding, then put baby down for nap until next feeding.  This means putting baby to sleep even if baby is awake.  Let’s face it, we are teaching your baby to be a great sleeper.  Just like you will teach your baby when she is older to ride a bike.  Practice, practice, practice.  And, most importantly, be consistent!  Both of my boys took 10 days to get it down.  This means they were sleeping 6 hours straight every night, and kept building from there, reaching just about 12 hours by 10 weeks.  Some babies are born great sleepers, and some are trained.  Here’s to training great sleepers!
Nordic Naturals Baby’s DHA – This is a great supplement for supporting healthy brain, eye, and nervous system function.  This helps create a healthy inner environment for good sleep. I give this to my baby once/week on Sunday.
Chiropractic and/or Craniosacral Therapy – I love both of these therapies to support optimal health and development for my babies. I chose Craniosacral Therapy for my first born because it was what I had access to when he was in the NICU for 3.5 weeks.  (Might I add that it took one Craniosacral Therapy session to take my son from 60% nipple feeding to 100% nipple feeding!  This was key to get my son healthy and home).  I chose Chiropractic care for my now three month old son, because he came home the normal 2 days after birth, and had his first chiropractic adjustment at 6 days old.  Both my boys receive regular adjustments about once every 3 months.  Read here to learn the benefits of these therapies for your newborn.

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