Be Leaner and Lighter by Tomorrow Morning. Seriously!

3 Simple Steps to Looking and Feeling Leaner and Lighter by Tomorrow Morning

***You only have to do these things 5 days/week to work!  The other 2 days are “Free Be’s” to keep you from going crazy neurotic thinking you have to be perfect to look and feel good!***

It seriously only takes 1 day for you to feel a difference.  This has been a God send for me since I found out I tested positive for a genetic abnormality where basically my cells suck at doing their jobs, especially when it comes to protein, carb, and fat metabolism.   Really, every one of them could use turbo boosters!  I’ll go in to more about this later.  But, this plus the way I work out (only 4 days/week, 1 being yoga for 30 minutes or less), has kept my body feeling and looking the best it can be as I work on getting that gene thing straightened out. My clients are loving it too!  Try it, and see for yourself!

  1. 12 Hours Only Water in Mouth:  It’s the easiest, quickest thing you can do to lose fat, and get leaner and lighter.  It’s called Intermittent Fasting.  Pick a 12-hr period between dinner and breakfast where the only thing that goes in your mouth is water.  I mean clean, pure water.  No lemon, no flavored shit, just clean water.  My time is 7pm-7am.  Work it around your schedule. If you eat later, then your time starts when you’ve taken your last bite of food or any other drink besides water.  A couple real important things to remember.  If you’re on one of those crazy super calorie restricting diets, this is not for you.  You have to eat enough good food and drink enough clean water throughout the day for this to work and not backfire!  If you’re a nursing Mommy or pregnant then it’s even more important you tune in to this advice.  Another thing.  Coffee, Tea, or any other caffeinated drink Cannot be the first thing you put in to your mouth when your 12 hours is up.  This will whack out your hormones big time.  Spike cortisol (that “keep the fat slapped on you” hormone), and flat out make you feel and look like crap!  The first thing in mouth should be something good like high protein/fiber cereal with almond milk, flax oatmeal, whole grain waffle with almond butter, egg and avocado, green smoothie, etc.  Bonus! Your hormones will love you too.  This means you happier and less stressed. Always a good thing, right! More info on intermittent fasting here

  2. Kick the Grains at Dinner: Make dinner all about protein, good fat, and low carb veggies.  This means skip the corn, potatoes, and the like.  Keep your whole grains for Breakfast and/or Lunch.  This gives your body what it needs so it can focus on what it really wants to do while you get your zzz’s,  like repair and regeneration of your over worked, underpaid employees, your cells! If you find yourself craving carbs/grains at dinner check in with your water ante for the day, and make sure you’re not starving yourself during the day trying to "be good," and setting yourself up for that nagging night binge!   If you’re still craving them, just stick to the plan, and watch those little sugar voices go into mute mode! Some dinner combos include:

  • Roasted chicken with broccoli and cauliflower drizzled with olive oil and spiced right for you.  But, skip the salt!  

  • Any Broiled/Baked Fish with lemon, butter asparagus.  Real butter, ladies.  None of that fake shit.  Keep it real for real results!

  • Turkey cutlets (I like almond meal for my breading) over salad greens with crumbled goat cheese.   

  1. Flush the Fat:  Drink 70 ounces clean water every day.  Yes, you can and will do it if you want to feel and look better!  Get your trusty little water bottle, and just suck it down.  It’s the only way everything else you do to lose fat and feel good can work.  You need water for everything from hormone balance, energy production, and simply keeping you alive. So, drink up, and be positive about it!

That’s it!  It’s that simple.  Try it, feel it, and share it with your girlfriends.  They’ll kiss you for it! 

Loving easy ways to feel and look great!


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