Lose the Baby Weight Bootcamp

Total body resistance training and cardio interval circuit workout designed to get your body back into shape after baby.

   Strengthen and Tone Core

   Tone body and lose the baby weight

   Focus on You!

This is not your run of the treadmill type class.  You are guaranteed results and success in achieving your goals. You will be kept motivated and on track with a workout schedule (even if your workouts have to be at home), nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations that will accelerate your goals and easily integrate into a balanced lifestyle.  No crazy 5-7 days/week workouts or diets here.  This is real stuff, for real Moms, that get real results as we keep up with our busy lives.  

Before and after each session, your Body Measurements in inches will be taken and you will be tested for Diastasis Recti. (Diastasis Recti is a separation of the abdominal wall at the mid-line that often happens during and after pregnancy. It can cause hernia, back pain, sciatica, and the dreaded Mommy Pooch). This workout corrects and prevents this from happening. 

The strong sense of camaraderie with other Moms in the group who are going through similar crazy times in their lives inspires and motivates you to achieve your goals in a fun, supportive environment.  

Get your Fit, Healthy, and Confident back after baby with Lose the Baby Weight Bootcamp!

** This class is awesome for Moms of all fitness levels with kids 3 and under **

For more information please contact me daniatbemommyfit.com